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Watch the Harlem Globetrotters work their magic.. on our Indoor Basketball Half-Court.
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As featured on NBC10 in Philadelphia...

Welcome to DeShayes Courts

If you are looking for a custom backyard basketball, tennis, bocce, or multi-use court, DeShayes Courts is the right choice for you. Specializing in the design and construction of professionally installed backyard or indoor courts, DeShayes Courts has a variety of options for anyone interested in having their own court installed at their home. Having been in the court business for over 40 years, owner Joe DeShayes has become an expert in court design, construction, and installation, and will work directly with you throughout the entire process.

Joe taught an accredited course to the ASLA on the proper design and construction for all different types of courts, including completely pervious courts that recharge more water into the ground than an equal area of lawn.

Browse our site to see our complete portfolio of basketball courts, including half basketball courts, full basketball courts, driveway basketball courts, and more. DeShayes Courts can also provide you with any court accessories you need; court lighting, court net posts, basketball court units, and more.

Recently, one of our custom tennis courts was awarded “Residential Tennis Court of the Year” by the American Sports Builders Association. Check out the tennis court section of our site to see the winning tennis court as well as preview the beauty and functionality of a DeShayes tennis court. We can provide you with a residential tennis court, a regulation size tennis court, a short tennis court, or a platform tennis court.

Along with single-use courts, DeShayes specializes in Multi-Use Courts as well. These courts can include the combination of any of the following, basketball court, bocce court, tennis court, volleyball court, roller hockey rink, and more. We also specialize in the design and construction of batting cages.

Here at DeShayes Courts we are determined to make your residential court dreams come true, so please call our toll free number, 1-877-928-4653, for complimentary consultation today!

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President Joe DeShayes discusses the DeShayes Court that was setup exclusively for 10! - NBC10 Philadelphia's morning show.

Globetrotter Barry "High Rise" Hardy (left), Joe DeShayes (center), and Globetrotter Sterling "Smooth" Forbes (right).